Corporate design / branding
Your own logo, menu background and font. If desired, more emotion through music and with the volume control you can easily and quickly adjust the volume yourself.

Now your 3D tours are multilingual! No more single tour version per language, but everything in one version – this saves you time and money.

Multimedia Menu
A menu without space limitations and fully customisable for all desired content, such as: Text, address, media gallery, videos, direct navigation submenu, 3D tours, social buttons, infotag catalogue with search function, and much more …

Avatar Meetings
Finally, with the Avatar Meeting function you can offer live guided tours or video meetings in which visitors meet virtually in 3D space. This makes them even more exciting and real.


Scanpoints / Floors
Scanpoints can be activated or deactivated to create different tour versions. For example, rooms can also be “blocked” in one version. All with only one 3D space! Unpleasant floors can be hidden or their names can be stored in several languages. The navigation remains the same!

360° Panoramas
We create your 360° panoramas directly from the 3D tour and provide them with icons. The panoramas can be integrated into the menu, into info points or used as an entry pop-up as a start image.

Green Screen Videos
Now we can also position green screen videos, e.g. to integrate and set short explanatory videos of people so that they only run after a click.