Offer virtual 3D tours

  • Reduce time on market by 26% on average.
  • Increase website access times by 15 %.
  • Increase ease of access for international investors.
  • Accurately represent properties.
  • Increase commissions by up to 9%.

Complete solution

  • Virtual 3D tours, 4K print-quality photos, schematic floor plans and guided video tours.
  • Publishable on social media sites.
  • Publication on Google Street View.
  • Embedding of your 3D model on website.
  • Active partnerships with virtual staging teams.
  • Improved results for the same budget.


higher likelihood of contact regarding objects with 3D virtual tours.


of brokers who use virtual tours increase their orders.


less time on the market – i.e., faster rental or faster sale.


Capture building stock

  • Create 3D tours and allow anyone to instantly view a construction site or property.
  • Eliminate registration marks or manual alignment.
  • Export your point cloud to ReCap® or Revit®.
  • Enjoy automatic registration of scans as well as merging them into a textured grid within hours.
  • Generate OBJ files and point clouds for as-built and construction documentation.

Modelling the building information (BIM)

  • Scan narrow areas 10 to 15 times faster than with a typical LIDAR scanner.
  • Overlay your point cloud with your BIM model to perform an evaluation procedure.
  • Survey hard-to-reach areas such as pipes, trusses and floor joists.


Confirm that the presence of a 3D tour is better than other alternatives for communicating the status of the site.


Confirm that a 3D tour has improved the way projects are communicated.


Confirm that reality capture is the future for architecture, engineering and construction.


Improve your booking process

  • Increase customer interaction online by up to 15%.
  • Increase conversion of prospects to bookings by up to 14%.
  • Access footage with 3D tours, 4K-quality print-ready photos and more.
  • Scan properties yourself or hire a Matterport service partner to create a 3D digital twin for you.
  • Share with ease – it’s as easy as sharing a YouTube video.
3D TourTourismus

Bring event planners on board

  • Reduce requests for viewings thanks to the offer of 3D tours.
  • Define customer expectations instantly and accurately.
  • Provide your stakeholders with key success metrics.


Real estate restoration

  • Increase turnover by offering the most accurate documentation.
  • Reduce the number of breakage claims from policyholders.
  • Document the pre- and post-loss containment phase to track progress.
  • Add additional comments using Mattertags™.
  • Eliminate repeated site visits for missing photos or surveys.
  • Reduce disputes between adjusters and contractors thanks to clear evidence of the ACTUAL state.


  • Create court-usable documents with scans that cannot be tampered with.
  • Keep an unalterable record of the crime scene and avoid crime scene foiling.
  • Guide negotiators to the crime scene with 3D tours.
  • Guarantee confidentiality and authenticity by blurring faces and time stamps.
  • Save time and improve accuracy with schematic floor plans and measurement tools.
3D Rundgang Versicherung
3D Rundgang Versicherung
3D Rundgang Versicherung
3D Rundgang Versicherung

Claims handler & Insurance carrier

  • Improve accuracy and shorten the insurance claim cycle.
  • Process claims regardless of location and reduce travel time.
  • Increase operational transparency
  • Improve the quality of the claims process by enabling adjusters to verify and navigate the loss with accurate measurements of the property, regardless of location.
  • Improve customer service for policyholders by closing claims faster.


Plant planning and design

  • Design changes and improvements in your 3D model.
  • This helps you see how things will work before you start building.
  • Capture measurement data to document the structure, above ground utilities and equipment.
  • Eliminate hand-drawn sketches and reduce the time it takes to create schematic floor plans.
  • Improve collaboration between teams in different locations with a digital twin that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Optimise the system installation

  • Scan assets and import them into CAD/BIM software.
  • Perform retrofits and conversions for specific areas of your facility.

Create a device inventory

  • Eliminate hundreds of documents required to locate and track maintenance data.
  • Find all relevant information regarding the locations of specific machines without depending on other employees.